Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 1: New Blog......Operation: What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

Welcome to the Ann Arbor Gun Guys blog! From the title its pretty obvious what we're here to do - talk guns. From old black powder military rifles to current day technologically advanced firearms such as the Vector Kriss Super V. We could go on and on about our past history with firearms but for now I'll try to be brief.

The Ann Arbor Gun Guys consist of a few friends pieced together from odds and ends. We all met in college in one way or the other but eventually found out that we loved guns and shooting the very same guns. The entire group as thought of today started with one little rifle and an email.

After much deliberation I had purchased a Russian Mosin Nagant M38 carbine, a shortened version of the Soviet Union's long rifle of the World War Two era. I remember the first time I went to the range I was hooked. The rifle meant so much to me that I started looking for people to share the experience with. Thats how Ann Arbor Gun Guy DeadMeat got involved, and more or less the same happened with backwo0ds.

The rest is history.

The collections kept building and the bank accounts kept diminishing - but it has been worth it.

Thats it for now but stay tuned. Coming up - Cimarron Model P 1873 Colt Peacemaker Reproduction, 1871/88 Beaumont Vitali, and much much more!


  1. oooo a model p what's that? is that a pastry?

  2. yup i googled it...it's a pastry