Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 5: 2010 - The Year of the Full Auto... Part One

People that know us personally know we have a few contacts in the firearm industry. From members of the training community to retailers and wholesalers, we've met a handful of great people in the last couple of years. Fortunately for us, a couple of those guys happen to have a slew of fully automatic firearms - regulated by the National Firearms Act.

It was our privilege to attend a 'machine gun shoot' this past weekend hosted by a friend of ours located a short drive away in the Metro Detroit area. This was not the first event of this type we have been to, but there were some weapons I had never shot, so nonetheless, I was excited. I also took the opportunity to bring some friends who have never shot anything fully automatic, which I will add they loved!

As usual, at the shoot there was a plethora of options for us to try out. Ranging from the newest of the new in firearm technology, to the simplest and cheapest sub machine gun that could possibly be made.

Here is the total list present that day:

  • AK-47 (7.62x39)
  • HK416 lower with a LMT 10" upper (5.56)
  • HK G36C with suppressor (5.56)

Submachine Guns:
  • HK UMP45 with suppressor (.45ACP)
  • HK MP5 A2 (9mm)
  • HK MP5 A3 (9mm)
  • HK MP5 SD (9mm)
  • Colt M16A2 in 9mm (9mm)
  • M3A1 Grease Gun (.45ACP)
  • Sten MK2 (9mm)
  • IMI UZI (9mm)
  • IMI Mini UZI (9mm)
  • Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun (.45ACP)
  • Kriss Super V .45 subgun (.45ACP)

  • Sig P226 9mm suppressed (9mm)
  • Sig Sauer Mosquito with suppressor
  • Glock 17 with Full Auto Sear

I was most excited to shoot one of my favorite guns of all time - the M3A1 Grease Gun. There is just something about the rhythm of .45ACP shells thumping their way down range about 450 rounds per minute. The only way to describe such a thing is to compare it to a military march. The cadence of boots clapping on pavement gives a similar sense as the Grease Gun spewing its methodically staccato lead - thud - thud - thud - thud.

To be expected everyone in attendance had a blast (no pun intended) and enjoyed themselves. Thats it for today, but stayed tuned for reviews on the M1871/88 Beaumont Vitali, a look into the American 'War Baby' the M1 Carbine, and a surprise or two!

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