Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 23: Picture of the Day

Today's picture of the day is a cool shot that we got taking a spent shell out of my newly acquired turn of the century Hopkins and Allen 12 gauge side by side with Damascus twist barrels. I had done a lot of research on Damascus style barrels and it seemed like there were a lot of people who were strongly against even thinking of shooting ammo through it, but for every against there was another for.

I was set on firing it and so started my search for ammo that would work. The gun, and Damascus barrels in general, was made to shoot black powder loads so thats were I started to look. We found some online but almost everyone suggest reloading custom shells - something I am not currently setup to do.

As a wonderful surprise a friend of ours actually hand loaded some during a impromptu range visit. He swung by, saw us, drove a few miles back to his house and in a matter of minutes was back with some freshly loaded 12gauge black powder loaded shells. On his way walking over to us when he returned I asked if the shells were indeed loaded with black powder, he remarked, "oh yeah its black powder, hell the powder itself is as old as the gun". Now thats cool!

Thanks for reading and as always stay tuned for more reviews, tidbits, rants, and general gun things!

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